shyam mohan ruby on rails developer

Hi. I'm Shyam.

A Computer Engineer Programmer, Software Developer,
I am passionate about building scalable, reliable and efficient Ruby on Rails web applications.

What I do ?

Here's all the stuff I do.

I like to learn new things and share with rails community in Hyderabad.
I am Co-Organizer at Ruby Hyderabad Meetup and Host at RailsRoot.

Ruby Hyderabad Meetup

A local meetup to meet and exchange ideas about applications built using Ruby on Rails.

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I love Startup

It gives you a challenge while others give you a problem and a standard operating procedure to solve it.

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I Support Open Source

I Love Open Source Stuff..
You can find me exploring code at GitHub.

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Here’s some stuff I made recently.

I am love to show my work, I developed many applications usign ruby on rails, These is some of best appliacations.

datacol shyam mohan


Fastest way to build apps on Public Cloud(Google and Amazon)

shyam mohan ruby on rails developer

FREE Website for NGO's.

I know you are making a difference to change the world, you work hard to make life easier for the needful. We are providing high-class free websites for NGOs, non-profits and government.


Have some stuff ? I can make for you.

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Mobile: +91 8688 468 400